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About Us!

The JewishMusic.fm Company was founded late 2014 by a group of Artists and producers from around the world.

The company is located in London, and is registered with the Companies House in England, and also with the PPL/PRS organization responsible for all music Royalties in the UK and outside.

The company’s goal is to include all Jewish music of the last 100 years in one single web site, so we can promote the music downloads industry in the religious world

Q. What is the purpose of your website?
A. The purpose of our website is that any artist, producer or owner of the rights of any Jewish music genre can sell his/her music on our website with out paying any commission fee.

Q. Is your website legal?
A. Our website is 100% legal under all international laws, since there is no pirate downloads of copyrighted songs.

Q. Is it possible to download songs/albums for free from your website?
A. Mainly all songs/albums on our website are paid for, although if the artist/producer decides to publish his/her music for free, there will be option to download those songs/albums for free.

Q. Can I download a single song or I have to download the full album, And what is the price for a song or album download?
A. Some artists offer single song downloads and some artist offer only full album download, and it’s up to the artist/producer to determinate the price, so each album or song has a different price.

Q. Who gets the money for the songs/albums I bought?
A. The whole Amount you paid for downloads goes to the artist/producer of to the songs.

Q. Am I allowed to use the songs or albums that I downloaded for business use, or sell/give to someone else?
A. Under international copyright law, and torah halacha, downloaded songs are strictly for personal use only.

Q. Do the singers get paid when listening to their songs on the site/app?

A. Sure, unlike other sites that operate illegally and without a license, we have a streaming license from the PPL/PRS organization in the uk, and we pay each singer/producer Royalties for streaming there songs on our site/app, if they our not registered with them they can contact us to get Royalties straight from us.

Q. How and when does the singer get the money for the downloads?
A. We do not sell songs directly on our website, we only publish a link to the site which the songs are located in, such as ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Nigun Music, Mostly Music etc. and according to the agreement with that site, the artist/producer receives his payment

Q. How can I publish my songs/albums for sale through you website?
A. You can send us a message via the contact page and we will get back to you.

Q. Do you sell physical music cd’s (not digital downloads)?
A. No, We only offer digital downloads.

Q. Is the site responsible for the content or rights of the download songs/albums?
A. The site is not responsible for the content or copyright of any songs/albums downloaded, since the download itself takes place on the author’s website and not on ours.

Address to send letters to our legal department:

JewishMusic.fm Main Office

Parcel Flow, Suite 10, 44-46 Elmwood Ave, Co. Antrim,

Belfast, BT9 6AZ, United Kingdom
We will be glad to answer any further questions by Email
Best Regards!
The JewishMusic.fm Team